We’re distributors of GENZLER products!

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been appointed as distributors of GENZLER AMPLIFICATION. You may remember (and probably miss like we did) the wonderful products made by Genz-Benz. Well, now you do not need to miss them anymore. GENZLER is the new brand by Jeff Genzler and the new line of products builds and inherits from the experience and know-how of his whole career, including the Genz-Benz years. These years of experience, materialized in a series of amazing amps and cabinets are now available from us. We are very excited to be receiving our first shipment including several amplifiers and cabinets from GENZLER. Stay tuned because we will be posting reviews and demos very soon!!! And, no, this is not just another brand, come test them in our new showroom and you’ll immediately realize why these amps receive praise all around the globe.