If you want your products sold on Instrument Boutique please contact us at Please take a minute to read our partners’ policy to learn if we are the right distributor for your products.

Instrument Boutique Partners’ Policy

Please note that while we respect everyone’s right to manage their own company in any way they see fit, we have stringent requirements with regards to our partners’ ethical business behavior, treatment of employees, distribution of benefits and transparency. We understand that some of these aspects may fall into the category of company privacy. Regrettably, if this is your case, we will not be able to distribute your products no matter how good they are. One of the values that Instrument Boutique offers to its customers is the fact that we guarantee that when they buy from us, their money buys products of the highest quality that are produced by employees that receive a fair salary and enjoy good working conditions, and that the benefits of the whole process, including our own benefits, are also fair and ethically distributed. One would be surprised to learn how many instrument manufacturers in all quality levels would never meet this criteria.

In return, you will find that all manufacturers that sell through Instrument Boutique are treated as part of our team. We guarantee low distribution margins, enthusiastic promotion and a direct, personal contact to ensure that our partnership is satisfactory for both parts. We are ready to put ourselves in your shoes and to be proactive and innovative in the defense of your interests.