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Hey! Yesterday I was with some friends playing with the 1212l and I could not believe my ears!! What a sound! Now the cabinet sounds great, and comparing the other day with the EBS of my friend, it had nothing to envy .. what a cabinet you returned to me!. Many thanks Antonio!

Rodrigo (El Sombrero de Color)

“The Schroeder 1212 light cabinet is without a doubt the best all around bass cabinet I’ve ever playedthrough! I used it on three very different gigs this weekend and it excelled inevery situation. By the way, I smiled every time I had to pick the cabinet up. This thing is light as a feather. All in all I can’t remember having this much fun with a piece of bassgear. This cabinet is a masterpiece!”.

Chuck Webb
(Al Di Meola, Grover Washington Jr., Ramsey Lewis, and many others)

New bass amp: EICH T-900. Incredible tone and no need for tubes!!! Natural tone !!!

Borja Batllevell

After a home-studio burglary in 2013, I lost my 3 fender bass guitars. I thought replacing these stolen vintage basses so dear to my heart would be difficult. Then after weeks of online searching I found Marco Bass Guitars and his beautiful TFL Jazz Bass. Best bass I ever played!! Sounds and looks great, action is great, records great. Marco Cortes is great. You owe it to yourself to try one out.

Mark Gerard

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